The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music  Part 2   2 CD  (A + B Sides 1965 - 1974)

Universal   771 575-5  ???



CD 1

Title Written
Come sunday L. Caudell / H. Lloyd
Come on girl (U.S.A. version) Piet Veerman
Mississippi Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Hard to be friends Larry Murray
Country woman (U.S.A. version) Piet Veerman
Like a Spanish song Larry Murray
Lovin' arms Tom Jans
Silent night Trad./adapt. E.v.d.Werf
The wise man Piet Veerman / Nail Che
Sweet wine H. Vrienten
Night of glory Piet Veerman / Nail Che
We should be together A. Reynolds
Looking back over my yesterday Piet Veerman / Nail Che / Jaap Schilder
Romance J. Shear
Nobody cares Cees Veerman
Save the last dance Pomus / Shuman
Ridin'  train Piet Veerman
Cindy Reber / Zukovski
Morning light Piet Veerman / Nail Che
Lucky star P. de Wijn / H.v. Broekhoven
Lorene Arnold Mühren / Marnec
She was too young Cees Veerman
Nashville Jaap Schilder / A. Parfitt

CD  2

Title Written
The end of the show Cees Veerman
Irish Theo Klouwer
White christmas I. Berlin
A letter Piet Veerman
Trying to explain Piet Veerman
La diligence J. Cleber    Tekst Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
El Paso M. Robbins
Stay in my life Marnec / Piet Veerman
Silent breeze Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman / Marnec / Jaap Schilder / Theo Klouwe
Love is a golden ring Rich Dehr / Frank Miller / Terry Gilkyson
If I could be with you Cees Veerman
Lover's don't talk Fred Bekky / Tony Kolenberg
Cancion de la Sierra Marnec / Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman
Second pair of eyes Piet Veerman / Piet Veerman / A. Parfit
Latin lovers Arnold Mühren / Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman
A love like yours E. Holland / B. Holland / L. Dozier
Classical waves Arnold Mühren / Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman
She's so in love Russ Ballard
I'll find my way back to you Piet Veerman / Piet Veerman / Edward Reekers
Hooray for Michael Arnold Mühren
Call me Jaap Schilder