The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music  (2 CD   A + B Sides 1965 - 1974)

Universal   477 270-8



CD 1

Title Written
Jukebox Russell / Medeley
Goodbye My Love Hamilton / Savoy
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Arlen / Harburg
I'm Ashamed To Tell Arnold Mühren
Avé Maria No Morro Martins
A Fool Never Learns Curtis
What a crazy life Greenaway / Cook
Hopeless Try Cees Veerman / C. Keenan
Vive l'amour Vic Millrose / Mark Barkan
But Tomorrow Cees Veerman
Sure He's A Cat Greenaway / Cook
Without Your Love Cees Veerman
What's the world coming to Greenaway / Cook
How Could I Be So Blind Jaap Schilder
Turn Around And Start Again Greenaway / Cook
Remember The Good Times Cees Veerman
Times Were When Grimshaw
I Like The Way B. Gentry / R. Cordell
Lea Arnold Mühren
I Gotta Know What's Goin On Cees Veerman
Why Arnold Mühren
Mandy My Dear Jaap Schilder
Scarlet Ribbons E. Danzig / J. Segal
To-Day Theo Klouwer / J. Möhring
Marian Arnold Mühren
Somewhere Up There Piet Veerman
Magical mystery morning Arnold Mühren

CD  2

Title Written
I Walk Through The Fields Cees Veerman
Where have I been wrong Piet Veerman
The Greatest Thing Jaap Schilder
Don't Waste Your Time Piet Veerman
I's Over Now Cees Veerman
One Way Wind Arnold Mühren
Country Woman Piet Veerman
Let's dance Piet Veerman
I've Been In Love Before Cees Veerman
Vaya Con Dios Russell / James / Pepper
Don't Waste My Time Cees Veerman
Take Me With You Arnold Mühren
There Has Been A Time Arnold Mühren
How Did You Feel Arnold Mühren
Let's Go Together Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman
Linda Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman
Maribaja Arnold Mühren
Time Machine Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Rock 'n roll (I gave you the best years of my life) Kevin Johnson
Come On Girl Piet Veerman
Be My Day Larry Murray
She's On Her Own Arnold Mühren