The Cats  Collected  3 CD

Universal    377 804-9



CD 1

Title Written
What a crazy life Greenaway / Cook
Vive l'amour Vic Millrose / Mark Barkan
Remember the good times Cees Veerman
Without your love Cees Veerman
Sure he's a cat Greenaway / Cook
What's the world coming to Greenaway / Cook
Turn around and start again Greenaway / Cook
Times were when Grimshaw
Lea Arnold Mühren
Why Arnold Mühren
Scarlet ribbons E Danzig / J Segal
Marian Arnold Mühren
Magical mystery morning Arnold Mühren
Where have I been wrong Piet Veerman
Don't waste your time Piet Veerman
One way wind Arnold Mühren
Country woman Piet Veerman
There has been a time Arnold Mühren
Trying to explain Piet Veerman
Let's dance Piet Veerman
Maribaja Arnold Mühren
Let's go together Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman
Vaya con dios Russell / James / Pepper

CD  2

Title Written
Rock 'n roll Kevin Johnson
Be my day Larry Murray
Love in your eyes Piet Veerman
A letter Piet Veerman
Mississippi Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Come sunday L. Caudell / H. Lloyd
Hard to be friends Larry Murray
Like a Spanish song Larry Murray
We should be together A. Reynolds
Save the last dance for me Pomus / Shuman
Cindy Reber / Zukovski
Romance J. Shear
She was too young Cees Veerman
La Diligence J. Cleber   Tekst: Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Stay in my life Marnec / Piet Veerman
Love is a golden ring Rich Dehr / Frank Miller / Terry Gilkyson
Lovers don't talk Fred Bekky / Tony Kolenberg
She's so in love R. Ballard
The end of the show Cees Veerman
The best years of my life John Ewbank
Those were the days John Ewbank
(Chill out) Marian Arnold Mühren

CD 3

Title Written
Intro - Fragment Interview Radioprogramma Poster  
Jukebox Arnold Mühren
Where Have I Been Wrong (Extented live medley version) Piet Veerman / Kevin Johnson
Dreams Piet Veerman
Freedom bird Lewis / Clarke
Lovin' her was easier Kris Kristofferson
If You'll be my woman Cees Veerman
Lonely walk (incl. extented version) Piet Veerman
Sailin' home (Piet Veerman) Novkovic / Tucakovic / Parfitt / Veerman
Excuse me Dick & Don Adrissi
Childrens crusade Jaap Schilder / A. Parfitt
Blue Diamonds Henk Hofstede
Mandy my dear Jaap Schilder
Sailor sail on (solo album Cees Veerman - Another side of me) Cees Veerman
I walk through the fields Cees Veerman
One way wind Arnold Mühren /
Tanze heut nacht nur mit mir Piet Veerman / J. Möring
Call me Jaap Schilder
Lies (live) Lewis / Clarke
Life is just a long lonely road Cees Veerman
Yesterday (solo album Piet Veerman - Rollin' on a river) Piet Veerman / Nail Che
Lovin' arms     Piet Veerman Ft. Mell     (bonus track) Tom Jans