Essential Volume 2

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There has been a time Arnold Mühren
Without your love Cees Veerman
Why Arnold Mühren
The best years of my life John Ewbank
Scarlet ribbons E. Danzig / J. Segal
Maribaja Arnold Mühren
Lovers don't talk Fred Bekky / Tony Kolenberg
Take me with you Arnold Mühren
Let's go together Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman
Turn around and start again Greenaway / Cook
Love is a golden ring Rich Dehr / Frank Miller / Terry Gilkyson
Come sunday L. Caudell / H. Lloyd
Vive L'amour Vic Millrose / Mark Barkan
Don't waste your time (demo) Piet Veerman
Like a Spanish song Larry Murray
Cindy  Reber / Zukovski
Those were the days John Ewbank