Trying To Explain   Cats Only  

Universal / BR Music 278 061-0      




Title CD


Without Your Love Cees Veerman
Marian Arnold Mühren  
Irish Theo Klouwer
Where have I been wrong

Piet Veerman

Lonely walk

Piet Veerman

I Walk Through The Fields Cees Veerman
Let's Go Together Jaap schilder / Piet Veerman
Winters End Piet Veerman
One Way Wind Arnold Mühren
Lonely Nights Jaap Schilder

Trying To Explain

Piet Veerman
There Has Been A Time Arnold Mühren
Dreams Piet Veerman
Diana Cees Veerman
Linda Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman
If You'll Be My Woman Cees Veerman
It's Over Now (demo) Theo Klouwer
Don't Waste Your Time (demo take 1) Piet Veerman


Title  DVD


Gouden plaat uitreiking 1969 Scheveningen

Don't waste your time Piet Veerman
A Letter Piet Veerman
One Way Wind Arnold Mühren  
Mississippi Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Nobody Cares  Cees Veerman

Summer Evening Lady

Arnold Mühren
Afscheid The Cats in hotel Spaander 1980


The End Of The Show

Cees Veerman
Love Is  A Golden Ring Rich Dehr / Frank Miller / Terry Gilkyson
Ereburgerschap The Cats 20 november 2004 Volendam  
Afscheid The Cats 2006:  
The Best Years Of My Life John Ewbank
Lea Arnold Mühren
Where Have I Been Wrong Piet Veerman
One Way Wind Arnold Mühren
Rock And Roll Kevin Johnson
Those Were The Days John Ewbank