Dutch Invasion 

Universal Music / BR Music 276 3766



Title Written
What a crazy life Greenaway / Cook
Vive l'amour V. Millrose / M. Barkan
Sure he's a Cat Greenaway / Cook
What's the world coming to Greenaway / Cook
Turn around and start again Greenaway / Cook
Times were when Grimshaw
Lea Arnold Mühren
Why Arnold Mühren
Scarlet ribbons E. Danzig / J. Segal
Marian Arnold Mühren
Magical mystery morning Arnold Mühren
Where have I been wrong Piet Veerman
Don't waste your time  Piet Veerman
One way wind Arnold Mühren
Let's dance Piet Veerman
Vaya con dios Russell / James / Pepper
There has been a time Arnold Mühren
Let's go together Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman
Maribaja Arnold Mühren
Rock 'n Roll (I gave you the best years of my life) K. Johnson
Be my day L. Murray
Come sunday Lloyd / Caudell