The Cats 100

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CD 1

Title Written
What a crazy life Greenaway / Cook
Let's dance Piet Veerman
Magical mystery morning Arnold Mühren
Lea Arnold Mühren
Marian Arnold Mühren
Times were when Grimshaw
Be my day L. Murray
Where have I been wrong Piet Veerman
Why Arnold Mühren
One way wind Arnold Mühren
There has been a time Arnold Mühren
Come sunday L. Caudell / H. Lloyd
Maribaja Arnold Mühren
Vaya con dios Russell / James / Pepper
Let's go together Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman
Scarlet ribbons E. Danzig / J. Segal
Rock 'n roll (I gave you the best years of my life) K. Johnson
Mississippi Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
If you'll be my woman Cees Veerman
The end of the show Cees Veerman

CD  2

Title Written
Sure he's a cat Greenaway / Cook
Vive L'amour Vic Millrose / Mark Barkan
What's the world coming to Greenaway / Cook
The best years of my life John Ewbank
Those were the days John Ewbank
La diligence J. Cleber Tekst Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Save the last dance for me Pomus / Shuman
Turn around and start again Greenaway / Cook
Like a Spanish song L. Murray
Don't waste my time Cees Veerman
Love is a golden ring R. Dehr / F. Miller / T. Gilky Son
A love like yours E. Holland / B. Holland / L. Dozier
How did you feel Arnold Mühren
Stay in my life Marnec / Piet Veerman
She was too young Cees Veerman
Romance J. Shear
Somewhere over the rainbow Arlen / Harburg
Lovers don't talk F. Bekky / T. Kolenberg
Sunday mornings Piet Veerman / Nail Che
Cancion de la sierra Marnec / Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman

CD 3

Title Written
Jukebox Russell / Medley
A fool never learns Curtis
Without your love Cees Veerman
Hopeless try Cees Veerman / C. Keenan
I gotta know what's goin on Cees Veerman
How could I be so blind Jaap Schilder
Hooray for Michael Arnold Mühren
I like the way B. Gentry / R. Cordell
Remember the good times Cees Veerman
I'm ashamed to tell Arnold Mühren
Country woman Piet Veerman
Somewhere up there Piet Veerman
Mandy my dear Jaap Schilder
To-day Theo Klouwer
She's so in love R. Ballard
My friend Joe Cees Veerman
Dance dance N. Young
Lookin' back over my yesterday Piet Veerman / Nail Che / Jaap Schilder
Cindy Reber / Zukovski
Latin lovers Arnold Mühren / Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman

CD 4

Title Written
El Paso M. Robbins
The greatest thing Jaap Schilder
I've just seen a face J. Lennon / P. McCartney
Ave Maria no morro H. Martins
Take me with you Arnold Mühren
Lonely nights Jaap Schilder
Darling oh darling Cees Veerman
Samaina Cees Veerman
I walk through the fields Cees Veerman
I've always tried to understand Arnold Mühren
Irish Theo Klouwer
Lies Lewis / Clark
Second pair of eyes Piet Veerman / A. Parfit
Hey baby (won't you come out tonight) Cees Veerman
Time machine Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Poppy Arnold Mühren / Patrick Mühren
Shine on Jaap Schilder / Arnold Mühren / Cees Veerman
Money maker Cees Veerman
She don't love me J. Donellan
Silent breeze Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman / Marnec / Jaap Schilder / Theo Klouwer

CD 5

Title Written
Blow wind blow ?
Town's fair Piet Veerman / Nail Che
Bend it Ken Howard / Alan Blaikley
It's over now (demo) Theo Klouwer
I still remember Cees Veerman
I've been in love before Cees Veerman
Crying like I've never done before Cees Veerman
What have they done to the rain M. Reynolds
Jamaica Ben E King
I'm going home Cees Veerman
If I could be with you now Cees Veerman
Annabell Jaap Schilder
One more time T. Gregory / T. O'Neil
Dreams Piet Veerman
Lonely walk Piet Veerman
With a girl like you Reg Presley
Don't waste your time (demo) Piet Veerman
Marian (German fun) Arnold Mühren
Sois ma femme L. Murray
Classical waves Arnold Mühren / Jaap Schilder / Piet Veerman / Cees Veerman