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Title Written
What a crazy life R. Greenaway / R. Cook
Hopeless try Cees Veerman / Chr. Keenan
Vive l'amour Millrose / Barkan
Love of the common people John D. Hurly / R. Wilkins
I like the way Cordell
Why baby why Reed / Mason
Freedom bird  Lewis / Clark
I walk through the fields Cees Veerman
Don't waste your time Piet Veerman
It's over now Theo Klouwer
Five little tears Arnold Mühren
Trying to explain Piet Veerman
I've been in love before Cees Veerman
Mississippi Arnold Mühren / Piet Veerman
Hard to be friends L. Murray
We should be together A. Reynolds
Cindy Reber / Zukovski
One more time T. Gregory / T. O'Neil
Sois ma femme (Be my day) L. Murray