White Christmas

Paso Records 007





Silent night

Trad./adapt. E.v.d.Werf

Dear Lord

Cees Veerman

Ave Maria no morro

Herivelto Martins

Lonely christmas

Arnold Mühren / Marnec / Piet Veerman / Nail Che

Mary’s boychild


Night of glory

Piet Veerman / Nail Che

White christmas

I. Berlin

Lights of Magdala

L. Murray

Sweet wine

H. Vrienten

A new born baby

Arnold Mühren / Marnec

The wise man

Piet Veerman / Nail Che

Christmas war

Jaap Schilder / K.H. Hille

Merry christmas Cindy

H. Vrienten

Lonely Christmas (Christmas greetings) Bonus
Love is a golden ring (Christmas version) Bonus