Colour Us Gold / Take Me With You

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Scarlet ribbons

E. Danzig / J. Segal

I've gotta be goin'

J. Faragher

Mr. In between

J. Nerger

For as long as you need me

E. Wolfson

Songs we sang

B. Andersson / L. Berghagen


Theo Klouwer / J. Möhring

Shaving cream

D. Timothy


Arnold Mühren

Freedom bird

Lewis / Clark

I don't want to be hurt


There she goes

Cees Veerman

Why baby why     

Reed / Mason

Mandy my dear

Jaap Schilder

Blue horizon

L. Collins / J. Green

Where have I been wrong

Piet Veerman

Take me with you

Arnold Mühren

Don't waste my time

Cees Veerman

Phone call

Piet Veerman

Five little tears

Arnold Mühren

Crying like I've never done before

Cees Veerman

I don't know

P. Schoonhoven

I walk through the fields

Cees Veerman

If I could make you blue

Arnold Mühren


Theo Klouwer

I love you, I do Jaap Schilder

Lonely walk

Piet Veerman