Flyin High / Third Life

ZYX Music



CD 1  Flyin' high



She's so in love

Russ Ballard

Spanish Harlem

Jerry Leiber / Phil Spector

Hey baby (won't you come out to night)

Cees Veerman

A room full of tears

Pomus / Shuman

Call me

Jaap Schilder

Hooray for Michael

Arnold Mühren

I've got enough heartache

Mike Kellie / Garie Wright

I'll find my way back to you

Piet Veerman / Piet Veerman / Edward Reekers

Stop messing around

Cees Veerman

I could never hurt

Piet Veerman / Piet Veerman / Edward Reekers

You may already be a winner

John Hiatt

Isn't it a lovely evening

Cees Veerman

CD 2  Third life



Love is a golden ring

Rich Dehr / Frank Miller / Terry Gilkyson


Dick Wagner / Piet Veerman / Cor Veerman


Cees Veerman

Sail Away

Piet Veerman

Stay in my life

Marnec / Piet Veerman

Let's spend the night


It turns me inside out

J. Crutchfield

Lovers don't talk

Fred Bekky / Tony Kolenberg


Cees Veerman

Second pair of eyes

Piet Veerman / Piet Veerman / A. Parfit

By darkness surrounded

Jaap Schilder / Jaap Schilder / Cees Veerman / Edward Reekers

We ain't free

Marnec / Piet Veerman / Marne / Piet Veerman / A. Parfit