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Success 22535 CD



          Black Edge                                                 Small Letters "THE"                                                 Not E.E.C.

This CD was only for sale in Australia.



One way wind

Arnold Mühren

Darling oh darling

Cees Veerman

Save the last dance

Pomus / Shuman


Cees Veerman

Second pair of eyes

Piet Veerman / A. Parfitt

Vaya con dios

Russell / James / Pepper

A love like yours

E. Holland / B. Holland / L. Dozier

Let's follow the sun

Cees Veerman

Love is a golden ring

R. Dehr / F. Miller / Gilkyson

Be my day

L. Murray

Country woman

Piet Veerman

Kansas city

Leiber / Stoller

End of the show

Cees Veerman